ISH 2017

International Fair in Frankfurt 14 – 18 March 2015

TTREEMME RUBINETTERIE, the company that has been specialising in bathroom fixtures for over 40 years, for the occasion of International Fair in Frankfurt ISH, will introduce its latest creations. The company’s main aim remains that of introducing increasingly cutting-edge products that bring together design and technology in complete harmony. Taps are intended to be features of daily life and have to furnish home environments that are increasingly becoming meeting places between practicality and style. In the Treemme Rubinetterie collections the creativity and imagination of the designers are perfectly combined with the experience of a company attentive to the strictly functional aspects. The Treemme Rubinetterie Company is paying increasing attention to ecology and environmental impact, by using high quality materials and sophisticated and environmentally-friendly enamelling processes. Through its collaboration with important designers, Treemme Rubinetterie is constantly research into cutting-edge aesthetic solutions to suite a variety of styles, identities and needs.