Old Italy

A new lease of life for classic Italian style, in a collection that celebrates a love of beauty.


The Made in Italy label is traditionally associated with top-quality materials and a painstakingly precise manufacturing process: a perfect blend of innovation, courage, imagination and tradition.

Rubinetterie Treemme has taken these concepts on board, earning it an outstanding reputation in the sector, and this mission is more evident than ever in OLD ITALY, with a name perfectly in keeping with the leitmotiv that inspired it.

Evident in the models is a classic Italian approach rooted in our past and our tradition, where the accent is on beauty and style. Rubinetterie Treemme, bolstered by our heritage and the iconic nature of a product entirely Made in Italy, is constantly in pursuit of this virtuous blend of design, memory and functional appeal, which makes for highly successful creations.

OLD ITALY includes elements for washbasins, showers, bathtubs and bidets.

The whole range is available in the following finishes:

  • chrome,
  • brushed nickel,
  • gold,
  • gold chrome,
  • burnished chrome,
  • copper chrome.