Concealed parts

Customers know they can count on Rubinetterie Treemme for superb performance and hard-wearing, top-quality materials. This also applies to all the mechanical and electronic components, which are the backbone of the company’s models.    In addition to style and aesthetics, the characteristics of the concealed elements and parts made by Rubinetterie Treemme have made a significant contribution to the brand’s reputation for reliability. Each part has been studied by a team of engineers, to guarantee maximum durability and functionality for your bathroom.

Rubinetterie Treemme’s concealed bodies and parts include elements for

  • electronic taps,
  • mixer taps,
  • shower and bath fittings,
  • thermostatic shower valves,
  • diverters.

Each of these components comes with technical specifications that include all the information necessary for proper ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

The concealed bodies in the Rubinetterie Treemme collections guarantee top performance, and are built to last.