Electronic Tap

Rubinetterie Treemme is constantly in pursuit of a unique, hallmark style, able to offer its customers the very best in bathroom furnishings, and a seamless blend of style and function is the primary objective of the designers who work on our taps.


These characteristics, teamed with technological innovation and a close eye on environmental sustainability, are also evident in the company’s range of electronic taps: a built-in or free-standing mixer tap for washbasins based on an optical sensor.


Initially conceived for use in public areas, the Rubinetterie Treemme electronic tap is also particularly suitable for residential settings where close attention is paid to saving water: in addition to the optical sensor, the electronic tap is fitted with an adjustment system that automatically halts the flow of water. This solution has been specifically studied to optimise water consumption, allowing for the setting of the user detection time, as well as the distance at which the tap is activated.


Style, elegance, efficiency and innovation are the key concepts that have always characterised the Rubinetterie Treemme ranges, and are also the signature features of our electronic taps, the perfect solution for your bathroom furnishings.