Shower and Thermostatic

The collection that brings a new meaning to relaxation and regeneration for your shower ritual.


Over the years, shower heads have become an authentic design element, acquiring key importance in the bathroom setting.

This is why Rubinetterie Treemme has always sought to offer a wide range of solutions, bringing an innovative edge to style and design, and endeavouring to rediscover and enhance classic shapes and lines.

Rubinetterie Treemme is constantly expanding its already impressive range of multi-function shower heads, to guarantee a supremely relaxing shower experience.

Shower time offers us our daily shot of energy, as well as a chance to relax, and this is what prompted our in-house design team to focus on regeneration for this collection.


The elements available include a wall-mounted steel model with an innovative dual function, offering the choice between a “waterfall” or “rainwater” experience. 

A striking alternative is the brass riser rail model, with a polished chrome finish. The clean lines and eye-catching design make this shower head ideal for an elegant, modern bathroom. The shower set features an innovative “cold-touch” thermostatic valve that prevents overheating even when very hot water passes through the mixer.