For a new, 100% eco-friendly approach to the bathroom, thanks to the PVD finish.


A single graceful, elegant, clean line. The 40mm range by Rubinetterie Treemme seeks to offer an attractive combination of sophistication and geometric rigour, delicately blending shapes to create a versatile series of products with an innovative design.

The 40-millimetre diameter is the focal feature of the whole range: designed by our in-house engineering office and crafted in steel, with a structure measuring the 40mm that gives the collection its name. 
The collection is inspired by the primary requirements of the bathroom area, offering products with a particularly functional, classic design, yet with a modern twist.

The models in the range are available with a PVD finish, indicative of Rubinetterie Treemme’s commitment to the environment.
Applied to steel, which is recyclable by nature, this process produces no pollutants: there is no chemical waste, which means the entire process has zero environmental impact. The PVD finish also guarantees excellent resistance to abrasion and everyday wear and tear, as well as superbly true colours.

The hallmark simplicity of this collection is equally evident in the accessories, also with a PVD finish: clean, sophisticated geometries able to bring a decorative touch to the whole bathroom.
Towel holders, shelves, soap dishes, toilet brushes and containers for the shower, in gold, bronze and black finishes, to match the taps.