Inox - Cleaning/maintenance

Our taps are made of AISI 316L stainless steel which ensures long life, unalterable finish and easy maintenance.

Wash the stainless steel surfaces with lukewarm soapy water then rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft and clean cloth following the original brushing direction after each use.
The limestone residues form above all in the corners and in the joints. To remove them we recommend a mild citric acid detergent.
Do not spray it directly on the affected area, but on a cloth.
In the case of limestone stains or streaks, it is useful to clean the surface with warm vinegar or denaturalised alcohol, then thoroughly rinse and dry with a soft and clean cloth following the original brushing direction.
In the presence of limescale in the aerator, immerse it in warm water with a little detergent (1/3 vinegar – 2/3 water), the limestone deposits will dissolve after about ten minutes.
Any rust stain that appears on a stainless steel surface comes from external sources.
If you want to remove rust stains from your products, we recommend using oxalic acid based detergents. To remove stubborn stains from stainless steel, always use mild and non-abrasive detergents and, finally, thoroughly rinse off any residual detergent

Do not use detergents containing chlorine-based abrasive substances such as bleach, hydrochloric acid (muriatic), descaling agents, etc.
Do not use tools containing steel wool, brushes or steel scrapers.
Do not use abrasive foams, brushes or microfibre cloths.
Do not allow cloths or sponges soaked in detergents to be left on the stainless steel surfaces.
Do not leave open packets or bottles of detergents or other chemicals of acid composition near the stainless steel taps: the fumes could oxidise and, in some cases, corrode the stainless steel.