Simplicity meets elegance, for a bathroom that’s both beautiful and efficient.


The primary aim of Rubinetterie Treemme is to create collections customers will love. We’ve always sought to provide carefully crafted, efficient responses to every request, staying one step ahead of trends in style and design.
Simplicity and elegance often take a key role in home furnishings and décor, and nowhere more so than in a relaxing, intimate environment like the bathroom, where clean yet striking lines are an ideal choice.

Crafted in brass, the X Change range has been designed by the in-house technical team of Rubinetterie Treemme, which is constantly seeking new ways to combine tasteful style with practical appeal.
For these models, we took our inspiration from the primary requirements of the bathroom area, creating a product that is efficient as well as elegant and stylish.

The products in the X CHANGE range include:

  • mixer taps and single-control mixer taps;
  • tall and built-in washbasins;
  • external shower valves;
  • bathtub fittings.

A unique choice that denotes style, character and sophistication, the X Change collection is ideal for bringing a cutting edge to your bathroom.