Classic geometries team with sophisticated lines, in a collection with a clean design, conceived for any style of setting.


Such clean, classic, solid lines may appear an unexciting choice to the inattentive, but Rubinetterie Treemme knows this is not the case. Harmonising traditional designs by seeking out more original geometries is no simple task, and requires a particularly sophisticated vision of the potential offered by a product.

The Logic collection is inspired by this very principle: sometimes, the best solution is right before our eyes, with its straightforward, immediate design, able to impress with its clean lines and finishes.

Logic slots smoothly into any furnishing style in the bathroom area.

Logic comprises a line of mixer taps for washbasins and accessories for bathtubs and showers. Rubinetterie Treemme considers Logic one of the central pillars of its wide range of collections, ideal for the customer seeking simple, functional, straightforward shapes.