A new tool for planning and designing with Rubinetterie Treemme: the design configurator!

“A year down the line from the début of our new website, we felt the need to offer architects, designers and customers an even more immersive vision of our collections. So we’ve developed this tool to offer a more functional browsing experience, guaranteeing users an intuitive and above all useful experience,” said Massimo Tommasi, Marketing and Sales Manager for Italy, explaining the reasons that prompted us to add the design configurator to the corporate website.

New tools and new content are now available for each model in all the collections, starting from the 3D models that can be configured with the desired finish and including an augmented reality function, with a QR Code that can be downloaded to your device and allows you not only to view the tap, but also to see what it would look like in your bathroom, worktop and sink.

A new step to making it more immediate and practical to view Rubinetterie Treemme products!

Watch the video about the design configurator