Appia and Aurelia: two new collections to explore!

Rubinetterie Treemme has extended its range of brass taps with the addition of two creative new collections:

Appia and Aurelia, designed by Danilo Fedeli.


Appia and Aurelia embody a new approach to classic style, with both series of taps designed to adapt to traditional or more contemporary bathroom settings.

Aurelia teams classic shapes with modern geometries and proportions that bring a sleek, sculptural definition to the models. The collection seeks to offer a timeless, ever-contemporary solution, perfect for a variety of bathroom settings.

The concept aims to enhance light and reflections thanks to the edges on the cylindrical surfaces, allowing the shape of the taps to strike a sophisticated, elegant balance.

Appia offers a complete range of single-hole and three-hole elements designed to furnish the bathroom in sophisticated, refined style.

The very name of the collection hints at the style concept, featuring sleek lines that put a modern spin on the past.

Both of the new collections are available in all the finishes in the Rubinetterie Treemme catalogue.