Two to five outlet shower heads: stylish, practical models by Rubinetterie Treemme

Rubinetterie Treemme’s aim is to offer products in keeping with the trends for the bathroom sector, and each of the company’s collections is designed to meet the demands of a continually evolving market.

These days, the bathroom is a focal point of the home, a place where we can enjoy authentic relaxation. The daily shower ritual is increasingly focused on the concept of regeneration, so Rubinetterie Treemme offers a range of shower head solutions, featuring two to five outlets, so you can enjoy all the benefits of water.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your very own little spa at home, now you can!

The classic shower head model has two outlets: the shower head and the hand shower complement one another perfectly, each performing their task perfectly and blending beautifully with the bathroom setting. The Rubinetterie Treemme catalogue offers a wide variety of options, all of them featuring a sophisticated, on-trend design. Examples include the timeless elegance of the Ran shower head, the smooth, slender beauty of the 28mm model and the contemporary allure of Watertube.

When it comes to multiple-outlet shower solutions, Rubinetterie Treemme offers a number of latest-generation options to boost comfort and heighten emotions in the bathroom.

Combining different water jets, or teaming lighting effects with the water flow is an everyday luxury you can now enjoy in your own home!

These shower heads team function with design to create models with a truly innovative concept, offering the possibility to switch rapidly from a rain jet to a waterfall jet, or to alternate rainfall and spray delivery. These different functions are designed to make the shower experience more special than ever.   

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