Discover the new models Loop, Sipario, Origami and Watt!

Research, a project-oriented approach and close attention to design.

Rubinetterie Treemme presents the new shower heads Loop, Sipario, Origami and the Watt shower controls, boasting cutting-edge design and innovative shapes.

From the circular motion of the hula hoop comes the inspiration for the new Loop shower head, designed by Phicubo and Giampiero Castagnoli.


Loop is composed of three different elements: two circles, held together by a circular element, which intersect to shape a model with a particularly striking appearance.
Three separate functions engage with one another to form what the “spectator” perceives as a smooth, seamless composition of light and a rain or jet delivery of water.


Sipario, designed by Phicubo and Giampiero Castagnoli, is a directional shower head with a minimal, carefully crafted design. This stylish, functional shower head is ready to bring extra character to your bathroom. Offering steel and brass options, Sipario is available in both a ceiling and a wall version. The ceiling version comes in two variants: the first with a vigorous jet and the second with a softer jet, so you can choose the one best suited to your requirements. Inside the wall version is an innovative click-clack diverter that uses a simple piston to offer you the choice between two vigorous shower jets and two more relaxing ones.


A slender sheet of paper, ready to be folded and shaped into endless creations.
The oriental art of the same name has inspired Origami, also designed by Phicubo and Giampiero Castagnoli. Origami resembles a sheet of stainless steel that offers a tantalising glimpse of the world hidden beyond the ceiling. The shower head is angled so the waterfall jet can be directed.


Watt, by the Q-BIC design studio, is the new range of single mixer taps and thermostatic valves for built-in showers inspired by the world of lighting. The signature feature of Watt is the levers that turn the water on and off, adjusting the flow. These hallmark elements resemble light switches, while temperature is adjusted with a round knob. The whole collection is crafted in brass, available in a number of finishes.