Rubinetterie Treemme, now in the DomuS3D catalogue!

The Rubinetterie Treemme collections are now available on DomuS3D, one of the most popular professional interior design software tools in the ceramics and furnishing sector.

For Rubinetterie Treemme, this partnership is an important step towards ensuring top performance in terms of both products and services, and is the result of a shared commitment to offering a more intuitive, leading-edge design experience.

DomuS3D software is conceived to cover the project designer’s every need: from the creation of the 2D plan through to rendering, as well as 360° views and virtual reality. Versatile, user-friendly and with a wide range of libraries available, this tool allows retailers, distributors and project designers, in a matter of minutes, to show customers realistic settings, able to awaken a range of emotions and exceed even the most demanding expectations.

This interactive solution is an interesting opportunity to introduce professionals in the sector to the full range of Rubinetterie Treemme products and allow them to make the very most of what the company has to offer.