Rubinetterie Treemme’s cutting-edge shower solutions!

Cutting-edge style, design and innovation! The shower heads in the new Rubinetterie Treemme collections look to the future, with modern shapes and multi-function models ready to turn every shower into a sensory experience.  

All the company’s new models have been designed in minute detail to guarantee top quality and to offer all the style and technology required by an increasingly attentive, demanding market.  

Shower heads are an essential element in ensuring a wellness experience linked to water in the bathroom. Rubinetterie Treemme responds to this trend with new, functional, high-end design solutions.  

The shower head in the Watertube collection, designed by Massimiliano Braconi, features three cylinders of different dimensions that intersect to create a smooth interplay. 

Each steel cylinder offers a different water delivery mode: waterfall, rain and regular jet. This striking solution is also available in the three PVD finishes gold, black and bronze. 

A slender, extremely minimal line is the signature feature of the steel shower head in the new 28mm collection, designed by Giampiero Castagnoli and Marco Pisati with a contemporary, cutting-edge bathroom in mind.   

The slim body of the model is composed of a steel cylinder with a diameter of just 28 millimetres, which has no equal on the international scene. The reduction of these thicknesses has been made possible thanks to a cartridge produced specifically for Rubinetterie Treemme. The 28mm shower head is also available in the three PVD finishes.  

Waterfall or rain jet? Why choose when you can have both options in a single shower head? Designed by Giampiero Castagnoli, the shower head in the 3.6 collection has a uniquely simple, elegant style, with slender lines ideal for modern bathrooms with the accent on design.